Closing Ceremoney was of Girls to Code Kulhudhuffushi series was held on 19th November 2021.  The programme was conducted from September 1, 2021 to November 16, 2021. This ceremony was held at Kulhudhuffushi Afeefuddin School Hall 

The ceremony held to complete the programme was attended by Kulhudhuffushi City Mayor Mohamed Athif as the Chief Guest. Senior officials of Kulhudhuffushi Secondary Schools, participants of the programme, their parents, senior officials of Dhiraagu and Women in Tech also participated in the event

Certificates were presented to the students who completed the programme at the ceremony. A total of 18 students, between the age of 14 and 20 from HDh. Kulhudhuffushi participated and completed the program.

Director of Corporate Services of Dhiraagu, Ms. Athifa Ali welcomed the participants who completed Girls to Code Kulhudhuffushi programme. Noting the increasing number of women working in the technology sector, she highlighted the opportunities available to girls in the industry. She also noted that, with the availability of the internet, a lot of women and girls had been facilitated to pursue their careers while being based in their local islands.

Mayor Athif emphasized that the development plan of Kulhudhuffushi includes developing the technology sector. Addressing the participants of the programme, he appealed to the participants to use the skills learned from the programme to further develop and enter the technology sector. He also thanked Dhiraagu and Women in Tech Maldives for conducting such an important programme in the city. He also noted that the work of inspiring and empowering more women to join the tech field by Women In Tech Maldives was a national task.

President of Women In Tech Maldives Hindh Ali encouraged the participants to use the skills learned from the programme to bring about positive changes in the society. She also requested Mayor Athif to provide opportunities for the participants of the programme at the island level and national level to use the skills learned, and to encourage girls to be introduced into the technology sector.  

Speaking at the ceremony, Dhiraagu's CSR Manager Bishara Hameed shared information on the opportunities available in the technology area. She specified that areas like cyber security, data science, software development and UI/UX are areas of importance for Dhiraagu.

Dhiraagu's Regional Manager Mr. Mohamed Siraj presented certificates to the girls who completed the top three projects. Dhiraagu will be providing hosting for these top three websites. 

Mariyam Maisha Mohamed spoke at the ceremony on behalf of the students who took part in the program. Maisha said that although she perceived coding as a difficult area, the program had changed their mindset and revealed that coding was a really good area for women to pursue as a career. Maisha also shared that learning just the basics of coding had opened new ideas for opportunities in the field.

Girls to Code program is a training series initiated by Dhiraagu and Women in Tech Maldives. The objective of the programme is to create interest in technology and increase women’s participation in the technology sector. The first series was held in Fuvahmulah in 2019 and again in GDh. Thinadhoo in 2021.