The SheCodesMV initiative, organized by Women in Tech Maldives and financed by the American Center Malé, has completed its aim of strengthening women in the tech industry. Participants obtained a foundational understanding of computer programming, opening doors to a number of careers in web development, machine learning, and data science.

The initiative, which began on December 10, 2022, concluded with 43 participants who met the requirements of completing the program. SheCodesMV was specifically designed for Maldivian females aged 16 to 26 and the selection procedure was rigorous, ensuring the participation of motivated individuals eager to enhance their technical abilities and bolster their employability in the digital era.

Addressing the pressing issue of gender inequality in the tech industry, SheCodesMV aimed to bridge the gap by providing women with limited access to such opportunities a chance to develop vital digital skills. With the rapid expansion of digital transformation, the demand for technical professionals has surged. However, the representation of women in this field has remained disproportionately low. This program aimed to challenge the current quo by providing participants with the resources and information they needed to prosper in the technology sector.

Throughout the program, participants learned the fundamentals of Python, Django, HTML, and CSS while receiving hands-on experience and working on real-world projects. The comprehensive program encouraged participants to exchange ideas, challenge themselves, and grow as professionals by creating a collaborative and friendly environment.

As the SheCodesMV drew to a close on 10th June 2023, the participants experienced a transformative journey, acquiring fresh technical skills, improving their employability prospects, and gaining a renewed sense of confidence. SheCodesMV has not only positively influenced the lives of these ambitious female coders but has also contributed to narrowing the gender gap within the tech industry.

The closing ceremony of the program featured speeches from Mr. Lance C. Erickson, the Public Affairs Officer of U.S Mission Maldives, and Ms. Mariyam Asna Saeed, the President of Women in Tech Maldives. Both speakers emphasized the abundant opportunities available to women in the field of computer programming and offered words of encouragement to the participants, urging them to give their best and strive for excellence in this career path.

The success of SheCodesMV would not have been possible without the commitment of Women in Tech Maldives, the assistance of the American Center Malé, and the mentors and industry professionals that led and inspired the participants along their journey.

As the technology sector evolves, initiatives like SheCodesMV pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse workforce. The influence of this project will definitely be felt for years to come, as empowered women create their place in the digital world, contributing to the Maldivian tech sector's growth and creativity.