To commemorate International Girls in ICT Day in the Maldives, Women in Tech Maldives and the Maldives Monetary Authority organized the NextGenGirls Virtual Innovation Tour. This event, which has been conducted annually since 2019, is also supported by Maldives Girls Guide Association.
The virtual tour was conducted online for secondary and higher secondary girls across the country on April 25, 26 and 27 and hosted by Women in Tech Maldives members. Thirteen parties, including government and private companies, participated as facilitators in the tour. Facilitating partners include Dhiraagu, Ooredoo Maldives, Allied Insurance Company, Maldives Stock Exchange, LottieFiles, Maldives Customs Services, State Trading Organization Plc, OXIQA, Raajje Online, Javaabu Pvt. Ltd., Bank of Maldives, Technews and Maldives Monetary Authority.
The Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) proudly partnered with Women in Tech Maldives for the fourth consecutive year to celebrate Girls in ICT Day 2024. This longstanding collaboration demonstrates MMA's commitment to empowering young women to pursue careers in information and communications technology (ICT).


NextGenGirls, intended for girls in grades 6 to 12 and ages 13+, aims to inspire and motivate girls to pursue a profession in ICT for their future. It also provides a safe environment for the exchange of information between the participating agencies and young adults. In addition to the above, the event also provides information about work done in the ICT sector and encourages girls to choose the ICT field when considering a career or higher education. Furthermore, they are made aware of technological innovations and advancements of Maldivians.

Session Outcomes

The online sessions offered a dynamic and informative program designed to expose participants to the exciting world of ICT. Each session focused on a specific area, providing girls with valuable insights and inspiration to pursue careers in technology. Technology teams from the different organizations provided information about the tools, resources, and products they utilize at work.

  • The participants got to connect with Maldivian teams at the forefront of technological innovation.
  • The sessions showcased a range of technology products developed or used by the tech teams. The participants got to explore many Maldivian tech products.
  • Participants gained valuable knowledge about the tools, frameworks, and approaches utilized by leading organizations in the ICT sector. These sessions equipped them with a foundation for navigating the technical landscape and making informed career choices
  • The sessions offered insightful guidance on the various career options available within the technology sector. Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the diverse opportunities and explored potential career paths that align with their interests and skills.
  • The sessions focused on various skillsets needed for ICT career paths including areas like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Coding, Design, Cybersecurity, Communication, and Collaboration. These interactive sessions provided participants with practical tools and resources to embark on their tech journey.

Hundreds of students from 21 schools across 11 distinct atolls enthusiastically participated in the enlightening sessions facilitated by a diverse array of 13 organizations. Spanning a wide spectrum of topics and expertise, these sessions provided invaluable insights into various aspects of the technology sector. From coding workshops to interactive discussions on the latest advancements in IT, students were immersed in a rich learning experience that transcended geographical boundaries. This vibrant exchange of knowledge and ideas not only fostered a deeper understanding of technology but also served as a testament to the power of collaboration in empowering the next generation of innovators and leaders in the digital age.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) for their unwavering support and invaluable contribution as the main partner for this year's event. Their commitment to empowering youth and fostering innovation in the technology sector has been instrumental in making this event a tremendous success. Through their partnership, we were able to reach new heights and inspire hundreds of students across the Maldives to explore the boundless opportunities in the tech industry. MMA's dedication to nurturing talent and driving positive change exemplifies their leadership and vision in creating a brighter future for our youth. We are deeply grateful for their partnership and look forward to continuing our collaboration in empowering the next generation of tech leaders.

Remarks by MMA - NextGenGirls Virtual Innovation Tour