Dhiraagu and Women in Tech Maldives has announced today, a data literacy initiative targeted specifically to girls. The program, named “Girls in Data”, is aimed to help girls understand the significance of data in today’s data intensive world. This program will teach them about collecting, interpreting and deriving conclusions from data.

The first of its kind Girls in Data program is planned to begin on 15th May 2022. The first edition of the program is scheduled to be held in Male’. It is a 1.5 months long program aimed for girls of grade 5 to 7 (aged 10 to 13) with the objective to inspire girls towards STEM careers from a young age. The program structure will allow the participants to learn data skills through real life examples and include field trips to expose them to how some data intensive organisations’ in Maldives utilise their data.

Today, the program is declared open for registration. Interested participants may visit womenintechmv.org to register for the program free of charge. The registration will be open till the end of 12 of May, 2022.

Women in Tech Maldives is a civil society organisation, working to inspire, empower and celebrate women working in the Tech industry. Data Science being one of the most pertinent areas in the tech field, they believe that it is highly essential for everyone, especially girls to be data literate.

Empowering girls in tech being one of the focused areas of Dhiraagu, their objective of conducting this program is to equip the next generation of girls to use data skills to understand the world better and ultimately bring positive changes to the community.

In the same efforts Dhiraagu and Women in Tech Maldives, has been conducting an annual program called Girls to Code, aimed to teach coding to girls. 3 programs have been conducted under the Girls to Code program already. Similarly, Girls in Data is also planned to be recurrent annually in different areas of the country.