Due to the lockdown resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of school-going children are subjected to spend a lot of their time online for the purpose of education and entertainment. This makes them susceptible to many online threats, such as cyber bullying and information theft. Additionally Teachers and Parents are also required to utilise online methods while the students are learning.

Cybdersmart is a campaign initiated by UNICEF Maldives, Women in Tech Maldives and Ministry of Education. This campaign is aimed to create awareness on subjects related to keeping children safe on the internet while they are learning using online methods. It also aims to provide the necessary information to the parents and teachers specifically while using online methods for learning and in general on cyber security issues and to make informed decisions while using the internet.

The target audience will include students, parents and teachers. Students ranging from primary grade 1 to senior secondary grade 12 (age 7 to 18 years), their parents and teachers would be provided material relevant and appropriate for their age groups. 

Under this campaign several media content including posters and animated video series will be released to the public.