We believe that most CSOs face the challenge of having limited technical knowledge to create safe environments and equip themselves with the consciousness to stay safe while they work online. We hope to assist in their strive to serve society in their area of expertise, by helping them effectively protect their data and people, make safer choices and stay vigilant online.  It is our belief that staying safe while online is key for civil society organizations in order to protect their own data, their members/community and provide better opportunities for them to serve the society. We see that every organization utilises digital means to conduct their business, making it beneficial for all staff of the organizations to be aware.

This 2 day workshop focuses on tools, technologies and important elements for civil society organisations to limit their security risks. It will be delivered with simple language covering most essentials topics in cyber security and participants will work towards development of an understandable, accessible, holistic and realistic security plan.

Prerequisite: Basic understanding of using computer, digital devices and the Internet.
Venue: Male’

Registration: https://forms.gle/tQKouyRAk8XTvAUM9