We are extremely proud to announce the launch of our mentorship platform Womentors! platform designed to enrich youth with employability skills in order to build a self reliant, resilient workforce for the future.“womentors”. Through Womentors, anyone who wants to go ahead or start their career in the technology field, can connect the experienced mentors who are already working in the field. Furthermore, via womentors, experiences and knowledge would be passed to the beginners and those who are interested in the technology field.

The main purpose of womentors is to provide means of connecting the mentor, facilitate the mentorship process, and showcasing the mentorship efforts and opportunities available in the technology field. In addition to this, several programmes would be included to aid in gaining different skills especially job specific skills.

The platform includes a mentors listing of technical personnel in the field of technology as mentors. The list will be expanded to increase the number of talented professionals. When the platform was launched, registration was also opened for a programme on getting ready for a  technical interview.

Womentors came into existence with the thought of building a strong workforce with the aid of mentorship by the experienced mentors in the industry. This idea was then proposed in the South Asia challenge, a challenge which was held by UNICEF South Asia regarding international day of the girl child in 2020. WomenInTech Maldives has won 2nd place in that challenge.The journey of planning & designinghas been a fun & learning experience for us all. Our special shout out to UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia and UNICEF Maldives for their support in this journey.

Though it came into existence, mainly focused on girls and womens, in order to aid the community growth, both genders can grow ahead in their career, gain job specific skills, skills required at the start of their jobs with the help of knowledge and experience shared by the mentors in the industry.

We hope to open opportunities in the field of science engineering and mathematics in the future.